41 year anniversary of the HP41C

41 year anniversary of the HP41C

Postby hapewe » Sun Oct 18, 2020 12:44 pm

41 years ago, HP launched the legendary HP41C calculator,. Unfortunately, there is no reaction from Hewlett-Packard with the HP41 anniversary, which I find kind of a shame.

For its 35th anniversary, the HP35 got a "successor" HP35S to remember this milestone.
It would have been great if HP had added or replaced the 35s with a 41s for the 41st anniversary.
A USB port and an HP41 keyboard layout would have been sufficient, long development work would not even be necessary.

After all, there is the DM41X from SwissMicros in the 41th anniversary year 2020.
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Re: 41 year anniversary of the HP41C

Postby Garth » Sun Oct 18, 2020 6:00 pm

Unfortunately HP is no longer the company it once was. They also spun off their extensive lab instrumentation line for which they used to publish their hardbound 1.5"-thick catalog every year, to Agilent. Now it's Keysight. I'm very glad that SwissMicros has picked up the torch, except that for me, the reason to get into the 41 was HPIL and the ability to use the 41cx as a handheld lab instrumentation controller that I could throw in my brief case and take home every night, or easily unhook from the workbench and take to my desk at work, etc.. Unfortunately and foolishly HP discontinued HPIL long before they quit making calculators, and SwissMicros doesn't have HPIL or anything of similar function. The speed of the DM41X is truly impressive though. I have a 71B as well—actually two of them—but if the job is small enough for a 41 to handle, I much rather use the 41, for its RPN. There have been times however that the HP-41 did not have nearly the speed or memory needed for a given job. The DM41X has apparently solved the speed problem. It would be especially fun to see the DM41X's speed on the text editor, an area where the 41cx's slowness was especially irritating.
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