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Postby Jerussi » Mon Apr 07, 2014 6:14 pm


I just recently lost a program titled "MANPIP" when my batteries went dead and I did not get the new ones installed in time. The program was an open channel flow calculator for circular pipe using Manning's equation. The program was loaded into my HP-41CX in the late 1980's via a wand from barcode. I do not have the barcode to re-install it. I had it on magnetic cards, but the first of 5 cards was ruined by the drive wheel (became gooey) of my card reader that no longer works. Therefore, I am reaching out to see if anyone has this program written down or in barcode??? The first screen would show: Qf D S y Qp after XEQ MANPIP. The program would prompt you for "n=", "D=", "S=", "y=" and you would enter the knowns and R/S through the unknowns. Solution would then go through the same (allowing you to also check your input) and also give you V (velocity).

The program I am describing above is not the Pipe Slide Rule, although it is possible the programmer started with it.

If anyone could help me out that would be great.

I am a Civil Engineer and although I can use the computer to solve these problems, my 41CX was portable into the field. I would like to regain that ability.
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