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Document Offer

PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2013 6:38 am
by PenguinSA
I'm trying to read the notes on the Instruction Set, but they are hard to read. I tried sending the pages through an OCR program, but the results were even harder to read. So, I have taken to re-writing the notes myself.

Is anyone interested in a copy when I'm done? I'm using MS Word, but I should be able to produce a copy in plain .TXT format.

I'm aware the Instruction Set is based on a 10-bit instruction size. So, I'm also trying to translate the Octal code [1333] into Hex [244].
However, when I get 2-word instructions, I'm not sure whether to use [244 244] or [ 4 4444] ie. compact the strings.
Any suggestions / recommendations?

Re: Document Offer

PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, 2013 7:56 am
by Garth
Have you checked to see if it's already on the DVD offered here on this site, or the one offered on the MoHPC site? There's an incredible wealth if manuals and other documents already scanned there. It sounds like you're talking about the MCode instructions. They are in several sources. I personally have Ken Emery's book "HP-41 MCode For Beginners" (I met Ken at a CHHU meeting not long before CHHU dissolved) and the ZENROM and its manual, but I never got past synthetic programming and into MCode on the 41.

Re: Document Offer

PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, 2013 3:46 am
by PenguinSA
I have the MofHP DVD on order. Meanwhile, I've been looking at the .GIF files on this site. I was assuming all documents were either .GIF or scanned .PDF files.
Judging by the HP scans, any difficulty in learning the instruction set is compunded by trying to read the text.
If you have the data as .DOC or .TXT I'd be better off buying the DVD. Meanwhile, as an example of what I'm trying to do, I'd be happy to send you an (incomplete) Excel .XLS table of instructions. I'm still working through all the Class 0 instructions.


-- Alan

PS: Seems I'm not allowed to upload XLS documents. D'oh!

Re: Document Offer

PostPosted: Tue Jan 29, 2013 6:51 pm
by jotne
Now you should be able to upload xls and other documents.