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Java Based Emulator

PostPosted: Mon Apr 13, 2020 11:51 pm
by gguemez

I am a long time lurker around the HP41 forums and recently, due to some unforeseen free time, I decided to write a Java Based HP 41 Emulator. This has turned to be a fun project and a wonderful learning experience.

I am still trying to figure out two details and wondered if someone around here might be able to help.

1) Program loading. I can load many of the programs that I have found around the Internet (.raw) but some fail mysteriously. Is there any documentation that I could read on how the load should be done.
2) Sophisticated ROM modules. I can read and load most ROM modules that I have found but I cant figure out the details around mixed modules that provide ROM & RAM in the same package. Again, is there any documentation that I could access that might help me?

Thanks a lot,