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HP 41CV and accessories for sale

PostPosted: Sat Mar 30, 2013 2:42 am
by Brooksy106
I have my father in laws HP 41CV, wand, 82104A card reader HP battery charger and all the appropriate manuals in their original boxes and in excellent condition for sale. I am a long time Ebayer but found this site when I started trying to find out what it is all worth and figured that selling on this site would mean it would go to someone who appreciates it all. It has two 'modules'(?) plugged in the back - Financial 1 and stat 1. I have not fired it up yet to see if it does what it should. I am not an enthusiast so if you guys are interested, let me know what you would like me to check, how to check its function and I will be happy to do it. He passed away 20 years ago and I have just opened everything up for the first time since. Its time it went to an enthusiast like him - he had it from new.

Cheers Stephen

Re: HP 41CV and accessories for sale

PostPosted: Sat Mar 30, 2013 7:44 am
by Garth
I would think you could get at least a few hundred dollars altogether, assuming it's in good condition, but you might want to watch eBay first for a while. My impression is that selling the calculator, card reader, and each module separately might be best for all parties. If there was a card reader, there are probably a bunch of cards too, possibly in a card wallet. Hopefully you have the manuals, case, quick-reference booklets, etc. too.

Get good pictures. The battery terminals are especially important to get a clear picture of, to show corrosion or prove there is none. Get a good picture of the display, to show if the calculator is a coconut or a halfnut. The coconut is the original version, and the display corners were square instead of slightly rounded. It tells of differences in the internal construction. (Note that HP never had one called the "fullnut." People tend to call the coconut the "fullnut" and it drives me crazy. There never was a fullnut!) Get good pictures of the keyboard, back, and various angles.

The main problem with old card readers is that the rubber wheels that make the card go through at a controlled rate turn gummy and useless. There is a repair for that, but if it has not ever been done, the honest thing to do is to say so in the eBay write-up. If you can try it and tell the results, all the better, but if you really don't want to figure it out, I think you would have to tell the potential buyer that it will probably need the gummy-wheel fix.

Re: HP 41CV and accessories for sale

PostPosted: Sat Mar 30, 2013 10:43 am
by Brooksy106
Thanks Garth, you are probably right about ebay - I have bought lots of things over the years - architectural antiques to restore our 1890's home etc - but its not so much a desire to sqeeze the last cent out of the value of the HP gear. If we can get a fair price - ie we are not being taken advantage of and visa versa, we would prefer to sell it to someone who will appreciate it. My wife an I are both computer literate but neither of us are excited by the technology - its a tool and thats all. I suppose its like me being a classic car nut and someone else seeing my 50's sports car as simply a means of transport. I will re read your post and go over all the bits and pices and list what we have. It is all basically mint (the corners of the one box are torn on the edges and thats about it) but I will go over it with a fine toothed comb.

Thanks again


Re: HP 41CV and accessories for sale

PostPosted: Sat Mar 30, 2013 6:17 pm
by Garth
I think most people buying these on eBay geunuinely value them either for the usefulness they still have today (I still use my 41cx every day) or in a few cases as collectors. HP came out with other calculators of course after they dicontinued the 41's, but none of them had the I/O capability the 41 has, and some of the other benefits. IOW, just because more-modern ones were faster and had more memory and graphical displays does not necessarily make them better for some users (like me). There are a few like Coburlin or garboco (those are his eBay names) who don't care one bit about what they are but try to buy them cheap and re-sell them at a huge profit (with buy-it-now pricing only, no bidding) to unsuspecting people who haven't been paying attention to the market and are willing to pay more than market price. eBay is one place to address the market of those who know what the 41 is and will appreciate it though, because they put in searches so eBay will email them when one comes up for sale. It won't be like a 41 in one man's experience, where he saw it in a pile in a thrift store with a $2 price tag on it (or something like that-- I don't remember the exact price). He asked about it, and the girl said he could just have it, because they were going to throw it out anyway because it had sat there for so long and no one showed any interest. The problem of course was just that it wasn't in the right place to be found by those who would value it. If you even have the box(es), that's definitely an added plus.

Re: HP 41CV and accessories for sale

PostPosted: Sun Mar 31, 2013 1:25 am
by Brooksy106
Thanks again Garth. As promised I have listed everything below and commented on its condition - just have to get some batteries so I can fire it up. I will keep an eye on ebay and do some research. I can always avoid the two sellers you mentioned by putting them on seperately at a buy now of $10,000 and allow people to make an offer :) Thanks again for all of your help. It is much appreciated. Cheers Stephen

HP – 41CV:
• Excellent box (Top is split at 3 of the corners)
• Mint calculator with Financial Decisions Pac front (Inside terminal are excellent and look to be gold plated – there is a tiny amount of what may be blue corrosion salts on two terninals)
• Near mint vinyl case
• Mint battery holder – zero corrosion
• Near mint Owner’s Manual – basic operations
• Near mint Owner’s Manual – operation in detail
• Mint Series 40 Software & Accessories brochure
• Mint Service Card

HP 82104A card reader:
• Near mint box.
• Mint reader still in original zip lock bag
• 20 cards and an abrasive cleaning card in mint condition and still in original zip lock bag
• Mint and unused card wallet
• Mint owners handbook inc separate Quick Reference Card.

HP 82120A Rechargeable Battery Pack:
• Near mint box
• Battery pack with batteries. Small amount of corrosion on the bottom of two of the NiCad batteries.
• Mint transformer and cables – has original conversion 3 pin plug for Australia
• Mint instructions
• Two little plastic accessories in original zip lock bag – Mint

HP52153A Wand:
• Mint wand
• Mint Wand Owner’s Manual
• Mint Bar Cod Information Card
• Mint Service Information Card
• Mint Wand Paper Keyboard in its original plastic ring clip binder sleave

Brochures, catalogues, booklets etc:
• Near mint large HP- 41 Advanced Programmable Calculator, HP-71 Handheld Computers catalogue.
• Near mint HP – 37E & HP 38E/38C Investment Analysis and Statistics. Applications for Business Professionals and Students
• Excellent HP – 41C Software Logiciel pamphlet(with tint tear and folded in half)
• Excellent HP-41C Accessories pamphlet. (has been folded in half)
• Near mint HP – 41C Software Logiciel pamphlet.
• Get Ahead Faster with Business Solutions. HP-12C pamphlet.