Please help! (WANTED)

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HP 41Cx for sale.
[Sold] HP 41Cx for sale.

Please help! (WANTED)

Postby Fastfission » Tue Aug 11, 2015 10:09 am


Here's the list of stuff I'm looking for:
Since I just wrote this, at the moment I'm basically looking for everything (explanation further below and in my presentation):

- 41C(X) (also electronically defective units but mechanically sound, for repairs / recombination).
- 82104A Card Reader (and blank cards)
- 82153A Optical Wand
- 82160A Interface Loop
- 82182A Time Module
- 82180A Extended Functions
- 82181A Extended Memory
- NoV64
- Clonix-64
- Systemyde HP-41CW system board (or complete hack)

Extention modules of interest are basically depending on the base C41 I'm able to get (if any)...
In addition to the C41 hardware and peripherals I'm interested in lab equipment with HP-IL interfaces like SCADA and multimeters but not until I have a working 41C calculator again.

Contact: -SPAMKILLER-fastfission[at]

And here goes the begging:

If you have some HP-41 gear laying around just collecting dust that you'd rather see in use, please consider selling it to me for a "sensible price" or even donating it if you consider it being "junk". I'll probably be interested and will pay for shipping.
I'm interested in defective gear for possible repair and recombination to a "41CL". In case you have something to sell or donate, please note that I'm located in NORWAY and you must arrange for the shipping. I'll pay for it but you might have to declare it for customs so it's likely more effort involved on your side than just dump it in the local mail... (filling in an export form it's usually sufficient to state "used vintage electronics for spare parts" and "commercial value: $0".
If you're in the US there are options where you only need to ship to a local (CONUS) address, a so called "forwarder". I've often used this service for pricy items since it's rather expensive express freight.

If you have any HP 41C(x) gear that's only sitting there collecting dust which you're willing to live without and want to see another enthusiast actually use, please send me a mail here: fastfission(at) and tell me what you have and your conditions for a sale / donation.

As I explained in my presentation I have lost a considerable collection of HP-gear. Both new lab and SCADA gear as well as a collection of HP-41C equipment.
I want to "buy back" every bit of what I lost but I'm afraid that's impossible in my current financial situation. I am however, mostly for sentimental reasons, going to try to buy back as much as possible of "my" HP 41CX equipment but I'm very price sensitive since I lost my income potential due to health issues. The eBay prices are mostly nowhere near sensible nor are they affordable to me so I'm looking here to find people with other values than making the absolute most money out of old tech stuff.

By using late community developments for the 41C like the "41CL", Clonix-64 and NoV64 modules I have a hope to be able to afford a system comparable to what I lost. Much of the value was in ROM modules which I now understand can be cloned. (Thanks Garth for pointing me towards these community developed options!).

Still, I need to source some serviceable HP-41's as a base building block. In reality I only need one working unit but knowing how things have a tendency to develop I'm aiming for a few in varying state of decay. The main goal is to end up with one "original" in pristine condition and one that's suitable for the 41CL frankensteinization which I must admit is an impressive piece of work (as are all the community hacks I've seen now). Most likely i have to go for the "original" option and hope I can squirrel some money for the 41CL within a reasonable time frame.

Thanx for your attention! :)
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Re: Someone who can help me? (WANTED) :(

Postby Garth » Wed Aug 12, 2015 9:03 am

Note that your last three things, the time module, the extended functions module, and the extended memory module are already part of the 41cx, so if you can get a cx, you won't need to add those. (You probably already knew that.) Note also that there is a legitimate repair service, Bruce Larrabee's Vintage Calculator Repair, and that if you want to repair it yourself, the brand-new flex circuit and the repair manuals and so on are available. See my links page, the HP-41 section, at . The extended I/O module is a good one to have along with the HPIL (and actually mine is merged, being one of my double modules), and these are great for use with the HP82169A HPIL-to-HPIB interface converter for communicating with lab instruments (which it sounds like you would be interested in), the HP82164A or FSI164A HPIL-to-RS232 interface converter, the HP82165A HPIL-to-parallel interface converters, etc..
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Re: Someone who can help me? (WANTED) :(

Postby Fastfission » Wed Aug 12, 2015 12:39 pm

@Garth: Thanks for your input. When I wrote "41Cx" it should really be interpreted as "41C/CV/CX". Listing those modules was just me taking height for whatever base hardware I'm able to source. A CX is on the top of my wishlist right below a Systemyde 41CL but that's a bit pricey for me at the moment. Maybe some defect C41 will turn up that can have a transplant... time will tell.

Actually, someone has allready come forward with a generous suggestion and a wish to help. This is what I really like about interest groups and user communities. I have been part of user groups ever since the BBS time (when I ran a few BBS's under the FidoNet myself) and have seen countless examples where people summon to help perfect strangers only based on goodness and shared interests. It's impressive!
Everyone will be duly credited as things materialize (except in cases where personal integrity is an outspoken wish).

I'm also vey thankful for general tips and hints about modules since I'm in no way a 41C expert. I'm just a user with a bit of a fetish. The modules I listed were just a couple I took from the top of my head. The list will be edited and expanded as time goes and the picture clears up.

Interfaces of all sorts is absolutely my cup of tea. At the moment I'm not sure what i actually will use or have a potential use for. I'm not hoarding for the sake of it, I just want to get stuff that is actually useful to me (probably)... The absolute rarities suits a true collector better than me and I'm not here to scoop up a lot of things that could make someone else much happier.
I will absolutely have a look at your page and update myself on what's available!

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Re: Please help! (WANTED)

Postby SMRVIKING » Fri Sep 04, 2015 11:17 pm

Pay for the shipping and the following (all purchased in 1980 and used 1.5 years in graduate course; excellent shape with original boxes) is yours:
1) HP-41C w/ zipper Pouch (w/ Owner Handbook and Programming Guide; Standard Apps Handbook)
2) 82104A – Card Reader (w/Owner Handbook)
3) 82170A – Quad Memory Module
4) 82059B – Battery Charger
5) 82037A – Reserve Power Pack
6) 82143A – Printer w/2 rolls of paper (w/Owner Handbook)
7) 82045A – Thermal Paper w/4 rolls of paper
8) 82106A – Memory Module (x2)
9) 97-13143 – Magnetic Cards w/Card Holder
10) 41-15002 – Statistics Pac
11) 41-15003 – Mathematics Pac
12) Misc Apps Handbooks

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Re: Please help! (WANTED)

Postby Harald » Tue Sep 08, 2015 1:53 pm

Seems rather unrealistic to give all that away for free. How much do you actually want for all that?
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Re: Please help! (WANTED)

Postby Fastfission » Sat Oct 10, 2015 9:37 am

I tried to answer but didn't make any contact.
Several people have mentioned problems with email deliver and I still hope for this to be real.
It do sound a bit too god to be true though. Will post updates.

The 41CV's I received from user "Leffe" are very real I'm glad to say. Time constraints make them sitting and waiting for their time in line for "service" but I have done a preliminary US on them:
One shows sign of life. It has been flashing 'MEMORY LOST' during manipulation and it's most likely a pure electro mechanical fault (poor fit between upper and lower). It will need new screw posts / threaded studs.

The second is a different story. It doesn't show one single sign of life with power applied from a PSU. Here is a POSSIBLE explanation: In "hacking description" it has been mentioned that one of the revisions should have THREE flexible conductors ("zebra stripes") between CPU and "main board", two long and one short. I have never seen any pictures of more than two though. In my patient there's only two.
I have to solder wires between the contact pads before knowing for sure if I can't find some "zebra stripe" material in my junk bin or some place else.
I still have trust and hope in the HP gods.

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