[Sold] HP-41 set (CV,CX,Wand,Reader,Cassette,IL,CCD,ZENROM)

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HP 41Cx for sale.
[Sold] HP 41Cx for sale.

[Sold] HP-41 set (CV,CX,Wand,Reader,Cassette,IL,CCD,ZENROM)

Postby theMaesu » Sun Sep 18, 2016 11:55 am

A big set of HP 41 products wich includes:

1 HP-41CV
1 HP-41CX
1 HP-41 Card Reader
1 HP-41 Wand
2 HP-41 HP-IL Interface Loop Modules
1 HP-IL Digital Cassette Drive
2 HP Power Supplies
1 HP-34 case black (short format wich fits HP-41 perfectly)
2 HP-41 cases brown (long format for use with Card Reader)

1 X Functions Module
1 X Memory Module
1 HP-41 Advantage Module
1 PPC-ROM Module
1 ZENROM 1 Module
1 CCD Module

Manuals for every component (German if available)
Cables, Accessoires, Pocket-Guides, … (see picture)

As I didn't use any part for many years, I cannot say, if everything is working properly.
I also don't know, if this material is of any interest.

Therefore I am interested in some replies about usefulness, prices/values (or free?), breaking the set in single parts and so on.
Feel free to contact me. I live in Switzerland (Europe), and therefore the parts reside in Switzerland ;-)

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