Memory Extension HP82106A in HP-41 CX

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Memory Extension HP82106A in HP-41 CX

Postby Drulli » Sun May 11, 2014 6:55 pm

Hi all,
may be a blond question - does the Memory Extension Module HP82106A work in a HP-41 CX? :roll:
I though yes (or actually did not thought about this question at all), but now, when I bought 2 of those modules at ebay, it seems that I was wrong. Not a single Register was added when I plugged them in.

In my manual for the HP-41 CX only the X Memory HP 82181A Module is mentioned as memory extension. Is it so that the CX memory can only be extended with the X Memory Module?

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Re: Memory Extension HP82106A in HP-41 CX

Postby Garth » Sun May 11, 2014 7:10 pm

Right. Main memory is full in the 41cv and 41cx. There have been a few times that someone would list a '106 memory module on eBay and say it's for 41c, 41cv, and 41cx, and I sent a message pointing out that the main memory of the cv and cx were already full, that the '106 is only for the 41c, so they changed the description. The cx has the Extended Functions/Extended Memory module built in (plus a few things you can't get on a 41c or cv), but the exteneded memory is still not full without additional module(s).
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