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Re: HP-41CV - doesn't power on

Postby cappy2112 » Wed Nov 29, 2017 12:57 am

Garth wrote:Your pictures have always shown up correctly for me. No problem here. I have firefox running under Ubuntu 14.04 Linux and the Gnome Flashback Compiz GUI.

I'm at work, it's posisble the IT dept has links outside the US blocked.
I'll try when I get home
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Re: HP-41CV - doesn't power on

Postby wgh52 » Wed Nov 29, 2017 3:16 pm

Hello HP41 fellows,

now it's the final stretch.

Final Assembly

Oh well, the screw dealer did not get into business with me because I thought of my other hobby: Listening to LP Records with magnetic cartridge pick-ups. I've found a matching mini-screw in my small fundus of cartridge fastening supplies which just does the trick to close the HP41CV case thoroughly even using the shortened/damaged post:

5 Screw length 2.PNG
5 Screw length 2
5 Screw length 2.PNG (57.27 KiB) Viewed 368 times

So with this I went to putting it back together:

7 Final Assembly 1.PNG
7 Final assembly 1

To get the rubber feet fastened I'm using fresh thin double sided glueing tape and with this I seem to be done. The thing works again, so let's see how this repair last for the longer term.

In retrospect, just a little clarifying side-note:
rprosperi wrote:... Acetone (your nail polish remover) can damage all plastics and even some board materials...
The cleanser I used was explicitly stated "acetone-free".

So, thanks for all the useful hints and information!
I hope this repair documentation will come in handy for some other HP-41CV users suffering sudden "outage" of this brilliant calculator!

Best Regards,
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