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Transmission Error

PostPosted: Wed Mar 25, 2020 10:34 am
by wbvreeuwijk
Hi All,

I recently picked up this fine virus and started tinkering with HP-41's and their related hardware. I started with the HP-41CV I purchased many years ago and fixed the flex-cable and started 3D printing various parts.
Then I was able to acquire an HP-IL interface, HP-IL printer, and PIL box. I 3D printed the connector based on the STL files I found and started getting hooked at getting everything connected.
My collection was extended with a full-nut HP-41C and this all worked fine as well I got the card reader, was able to revise it and am now looking at ways to fix the printer rollers in two printers I acquired as well.

Now my problem and the subject of this topic. Yesterday I got a delivery or a full-nut HP-41CX to complete my collection of calculators. I was able to hook it up with the rest of the components and was a happy camper. Until today. All of a sudden I only get "TRANSMISSION ERROR" when trying to use the HP-IL interface. So I tried the other machines and they didn't seem to have an issue.

So to narrow down my troubleshooting and before I start to take everything apart. What are the most common causes of this error?
My initial thinking it must be the flex-connector, as the other two calculators have this replaced.

Any suggestions and things to look for are highly appreciated.

By the way, I also got the NoV-64 module, so I can also have a look at ROMs that may be helpful to diagnose this.


Re: Transmission Error

PostPosted: Wed Mar 25, 2020 2:22 pm
by rprosperi
Since you have a NoV module, suggest you load and install the HP Diagnostics module for the CX and run through the diags. If that is all fine, you could then move on the HP-IL diags, but I'd guess you'll find it well before then, assuming it is a h/w defect.