CCD Plus+Zenrom trouble

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CCD Plus+Zenrom trouble

Postby ZOleg » Tue Jan 13, 2009 12:51 am

I flashed in Nov64 CCD Plus to pages C,D and Zenrom to page F - all ok (turn off CCD lower case alpha), but GTO .. and GTO ... dont work, after first and rest . on display GTO ST _
If Zenrom in page C, CCD Plus in pages D,E - GTO .. and GTO ... worked as expected, but extended CAT's from CCD dont work.
Howto fix this trouble?
Where find info about CCD flags in [Reg c, Byte 4, High nyble], 7 bit - on/off lower case alpha, whats does 6,5,4?
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Re: CCD Plus+Zenrom trouble

Postby gjmcclure » Fri Jan 16, 2009 7:08 am

I am afraid that you may be trying to use two incompatible modules. Both Zenrom and CCD contain code that redefines the HP41 keyboard. I think I remember reading that the HP41 Opsys performs each module's power up sequence in order (if any are on that ROM) and I am pretty sure both ROMs have this sequence to allow them to remap the keyboard and some functions. Thus it would make a difference which module was first or second. The catalogs are remapped by both, and both try to supply a "synthetic" keyboard. I know they have conflicts when using an HP-41 emulator program (HP41E or V41). So it really doesn't surprise me you have conflicts running it on a real HP-41! I don't think you can expect the "best of both worlds here". Probably someone better acquainted with ROM structure and how the HP-41 performs its power-on ROM execution sequences might have a better answer.
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