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HP41 Islamic Calender

Postby ronfred » Thu Jun 18, 2009 3:23 am

I am using the hp41 emulator version 8 by Warren Furlow [thank you very much for this] and came accross a missing file and incorrect reference to HP user's library Calendars solution book . I am interested in viewing the islamic calendar as offered by the emulator menu File -> "get user code" feature. Let me know if you have any insight in using this program


There seems to be two issues or problems for me:

The raw file: islam.raw must be loaded using the emulator's menu: File -> get user code" -> islam.raw [no issue here]

1) But, "islam" can not be executed because a second ROM file must be present. I suspect the ROM file is actually a data file, called isdata.raw [but this file is referenced in help menu but raw data file itself is missing]

Calender documentation is great for Julian/Christian/Chinese events from the Calenders [part of HP user's library solutions set]: http://www.hp41.org/LibView.cfm?Command=View&ItemID=364
But does not discuss the Islam calender.

2) Is there any documentation of the other calendar programs referenced in the user code file set, such as Islam, Mayan, etc? The doc sheet included with the hp41 emulator suggests that the documentation is part of the Calendars user library solution manual - but this is not correct.

Here is an extract from the index.txt file as found in HP41 R8 emulator help menu...

[Not discussed in Calendars Solution Book]
MAYA1 : Complete Maya Calendar (Card 1) : Calendars Solution Book
MAYA2 : Complete Maya Calendar (Card 2) : Calendars Solution Book
ISDATA : Mohammedan (Islam) Calendar Data : Calendars Solution Book
ISLAM : Mohammedan (Islam) Calendar : Calendars Solution Book

Here is another extract from the emulator help solutions index file: index.txt...

[These programs are fully documented in Calendars Solutions Book]
HOLDY : Holidays : Calendars Solution Book
RLGHLDY : Religious Holidays : Calendars Solution Book
CHINYR : Chinese Years to/from Gregorian Years : Calendars Solution Book
NEWMOON : New Moon & Full Moon Day of Month : Calendars Solution Book
CALPRT : Calendar Printout : Calendars Solution Book

Best regards,

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Re: HP41 Islamic Calender

Postby dlachieze » Fri Jun 19, 2009 11:23 am

Hello Ron,

1) These programs (ISLAM, MAYA) have been ported from the HP 67 to the HP-41C. You need the Card Reader ROM which includes special compatibility instructions for running HP-67/97 programs on the HP-41.

2) These programs are documented in the HP-67/97 Calendars Solutions book.

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Re: HP41 Islamic Calender

Postby joshuafrfld701 » Wed Nov 18, 2009 11:35 am

This library contains copyrighted programs that are used here by permission. These programs are grouped by the calculator for which they are written but it is fairly easy to port a program from one RPN calculator to another.

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