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Decode Voyager Programs

Postby mike-stgt » Wed Dec 14, 2022 11:04 pm

One advantage of emulators is the possibility to decode and list programs of calculators which have in real world no printer to do similar. This is nothing new.
Precondition to list a calculator's program is to know where it is stored in memory and how it is coded. "Mr. Nonpareil" (Eric Smith) now published a code table for the HP10C, tagged with "Copyright 2022 Eric Smith".
I'd just like to mention, that decoding of Voyager programs is part of NutEm/PC since end of 2020 but for 11C and 16C only, the 10C is included from mid August 2021 on. Long before, 2014 -- but that doesn't count because it was not published -- I decoded all (!) Voyagers on a mainframe (z/VM). For those interested in a nice CMS pipeline example, see attached ZIP.

Note: I do not accuse Eric Smith that he had copied the 10C program code table from NutEm/PC. Highly likely he did it on his own. I only want to emphasize that he is not the first who done it :)
dcdvp exec and 10C prgm code table only
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