Transfer of Github (or other) programs into my HP41; HowTo?

Transfer of Github (or other) programs into my HP41; HowTo?

Postby floppy_stuttgart » Sun Aug 22, 2021 6:14 pm

I have the emulator "V41 R9F" started in my PC (Debian11 Linux 64bits/Wine) and I wanted to store a program ( ) into a mass storage which exists in my PC with "Pyilper". But I am stuck how to transfer a file from "V41 R9F" into a vitual mass storage of "Pyilper". I dont see any mass storage access from "V41 R9F" into a virtual mass storage.

Do you have any idea of any solution with "V41 R9F"?

Emu41 (working in DOS) seems to make it (my environment is Debian11 Linux 64bits; Dosbox, Wine). I have not tried.
Is there any "Emu41" with Win/Linux GUI anywhere? If not, I will have to go into the "Emu41" in "DosBox".

programs from anywhere in the internet (github, etc.) can be downloaded from a PC, translated in a raw file with hpuc41.exe (and used in "V41 R9F") but how to get them into an HP41 connected to a PC via PilBox? The quick step would be to upload this program (raw format) into the HDRIVE1.DAT we see in Pyilper and the HP41 will retrieve it via Pilbox.

UPDATE: Topic Closed..

From the "V41 R9F" help file

Loading the 82160A HP-IL Module ROM Image enables a program interface for
connecting so called Virtual HP-IL devices. These virtual devices like a virtual
HP9114B disk drive are separated programs connected over a TCP/IP interface.
Different devices are available at The most
common device is ILPer combing a generic printer, two disk drives and a special
device for transferring RAW data into an all in one solution.

The Virtual HP-IL ecosystem, primary build for Emu71/Win, also allows accessing
real hardware devices over Jean-François Garnier PIL-Box, available at

and activating the HP-IL over TCP/IP
(see screen copy)
then the program is now in the virtual mass storage "Drive1" of "Pyilper" after "WRTP" (see HP-IL commands) of the program GAMA67 which was in the "HP41 R9F".
By activating the "pilbox" button again in "Pyilper", and making
"GOTO .."
"READP" on my HP41 (where GAMA67 was in Alpha)
then now the program made its way into my HP41 main memory.
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