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HP 41CX Emulator on iPad and iPhone

Postby jimwsong » Thu Apr 16, 2020 11:15 pm

Hey Folks,
Has anyone experienced the HP 41CX with all fo the pacs and modules in App store? It is cheap considering you get all pacs and all templates and I think even documentation. Also get a printer to show up next to your HP 41CX in iPad version. Seems pretty fast too, but I wish they would eliminate the running animation. It is just a wasted time. But I was pretty impressed with it. After using the emulator on my iPhone and iPad, the original HP 41CX seems soo slow.

Would welcome any feedback on it.

I also downloaded and purchased thee 15c and 12c for iPhone and iPad and I feel given the brighter screen and keys, it makes using it even better than the mechanical. Even though I have the 12C (multiple - brazil, Singapore, USA, and latest made from Phillipines), yes i do collect them. :) :D I stay away from anything made in China. I've heard nothing but cheap quality issues with them.

Let me know if anyone of you used the iPad and iPhone emulator models and if this is going to now make the physical models obsolete.

Thank you.
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Re: HP 41CX Emulator on iPad and iPhone

Postby Garth » Fri Apr 17, 2020 2:31 am

jimwsong wrote:Let me know if anyone of you used the iPad and iPhone emulator models and if this is going to now make the physical models obsolete.

For several reasons, I do not use a smartphone. One is that my wife and son have had several, and things on all of them begin to fail after two to three years. My 41cx OTOH is 34 years old and still running strong, and has had some of the programs I use regularly in it for decades, without ever reloading them.

I originally got it to use as a handheld controller for equipment on the workbench, to automate repetitive tests and the taking of data, connecting it to things like signal generators, DMMs, programmable power supplies, relay boxes, through the HP82169A HPIL-to-IEEE488 interface converter. I also have the HP82165A HPIL-to-parallel and the FSI164A HPIL-to-RS232 interface converters, and of course they can all be used at once, along with mass storage, my HP92198 80-column video interface, and printer. Laptops hardly existed at the time, and PCs were much more cumbersome to program for this type of thing. The only thing that can compete with the 41 is the 71. I have two 71's, but I hardly touch them. The 41's RPN is much more suitable for the way my brain works. I use the 71 only when the 41 would be much too slow or not have nearly enough memory for a particular job. Fortunately one of the new ROM module images I have in my Clonix-41's flash is the 41z which gives the 41 essentially a native 4-level complex-number stack and well over 100 complex-number operations, and of the ones that the Advantage module also has, the 41z is about ten times as fast.
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Re: HP 41CX Emulator on iPad and iPhone

Postby mike-stgt » Mon Apr 20, 2020 7:55 am

jimwsong wrote:Let me know if anyone of you used the iPad and iPhone emulator models and if this is going to now make the physical models obsolete.

As retired person I do not need an iPhone. What I still use is a Laptop equipped with several virtual machinery called emulators or simulations. Since long I have not touched any original calculator any more. IMHO, emulators are the poor man's hardware. Virtually it enables you to play with equipment physically and/or financially out of reach. And if a smart phone is your PIM+datacenter+interface why should you carry in addition a calculator in your shirt pocket?

Once the HP41 and some TI-calculators offered adaptability by plug-in modules. In contrast virtual remakes offer the chance to prepare several specialized calculators depending on your needs. Instead of magnetic cards or ROMs or bar codes, just open the next model/machine/setup. And if you need a new HP41 -- facile -- do Menu/File/New. And if it was to assay only, litter it after the test (don't save the state file). In addition, the virtual remakes offer some additions the original lacks, edit/copy - edit/paste just to name one. So virtualisation is more than just playing copycat, it prolongs advantageous technics in an up-to-date environment.

Up to now there are three "eureka! products" in my lifetime worth to mention, i) the HP41 when I was student, it was exactly how I immagined what an ideal calculator should offer, ii) the HP200LX as PIM with a DOS computer and plenty of free software for it, and iii) it was Pipelines on VM/CMS (IBM host), for me it enhanced the usability of the mainframe by factor 2..3, minimum. Today I do my mails not on the 200LX and by IrDA over the Nokia 8210 any more ;)

Something new neither the HP41 nor the mainframe offers are CAS -- Computer Algebra Systems. In case you'd like to calculate (do some calculus and not just compute) this could be a convenient supplement. Check if your choice may evolve the formula of arithmetic average by using the Least Square method. See "Which CAS to pick" in here. If you don't grasp that you do not need any CAS :mrgreen:

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Re: HP 41CX Emulator on iPad and iPhone

Postby pcscote » Mon Aug 31, 2020 4:14 am

I have been using for 7+ years the HP-41CX iOS emulator (i41CX+) from Antonio Lagana.
There are two versions available i41CX and i41CX+ (i41CX with CAS), more info is available on his web site and on App Store.
While the modern devices do not have the life length as our beloved HP-41, I keep my iDevices as long as it is supported by Apple which normally translate to 5/6 years for iPhone and 7/8 years for iPad.
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