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Issue with "Money"

PostPosted: Mon Apr 20, 2020 7:57 am
by jimwsong
So I am using the Financial Pac 1. I can do IRR, Amort, and other functions when I do xeq and alpha amort alpha.. etc.
But when I follow the book and do XEQ alpha money alpha. I go through the CLR? and I say Y R/S key. Then End? R/S key. Then it says begin and I press in 30 (Yellow key) then "A" key which is supposed to multiple by 12 and set N value. But. when I get here is says nonexistent. Why are the template keys not mapping when I XEQ the money program of this pac?

Am I doing something wrong, or something else I need to do? I am following the instruction of financial pac. Specifically page 32 (Loan amortization schedule).

If anyone knows how to get this issue addressed, that would be great.

Thank you!

Re: Issue with "Money"

PostPosted: Mon Apr 20, 2020 8:06 am
by Garth
Do you have one of the keys you're using assigned to something else, so it gets out of the program in the module?

Re: Issue with "Money"

PostPosted: Mon Apr 20, 2020 8:56 am
by jimwsong
So i read both 41cx manual and the pac manual and assigned the keys to "money" and it seems to be working now. But damn, the amortization is so slow. I think definitely, not worth using it for this. Use a spreadsheet or the newer hp12c.

This is really a programmer calculator. Not for everyday users. Scientifically use is great. Business functions, not so great. Even though it works, it is slow and it should be kept as a vintage historical master-piece.

I am wondering if I replace the battery every year, if the clock and date I set will need to be reset each time, of ir there is a small capacitor to allow me to change battery without losing the date and time.

I also just read Garth's reply. I did a few things.

1. cleared all keys from memory with function XEQ alpha clrkey alpha, then I did Gold Key ASN alpha money alpha and 44 (which was the number that corresponded to the money application when I did Catalogue 6

Then i reran the money app. XEQ alpha money alpha. and it seems to work. Man that was painful. It is 5am almost now. sleep time. But I had to figure this out.

Thank you. I have so many pacs. I guess when you change pacs, it is best to clear all keys from memory, and start over. There are also duplicate XEQ if you se certain pacs. So when using AMORt, IRR< NPV, MIRR, BOND, etc. and there are templates (Bond for example). I would have to remap the keys again. It doesn't automatically do it when I XEQ the app. Which is a deficiency of this calculator. I wish it would auto map the keys when you XEQ various apps. That would have been nice.

Thank you

Re: Issue with "Money"

PostPosted: Mon Apr 20, 2020 8:33 pm
by Garth
I think the CCD module or one of the others allowed you to have KEYS files, so you could swap out the entire set of key assignments quickly like the 71 does. I haven't looked into it much.

The memory and time and date will survive a battery change. I've heard of people leaving the batteries out for 24 hours and nothing was lost, but I still try to make the change as quick as I can.

The 41 is indeed slow when executing user code. Angel Martin has introduced several outstanding modules in the last several years that do things in MCode for maximum performance, and are much, much faster; but I am not aware of any financial ones he might have done. To compare speed, the Advantage module has some complex-number functions we use in electrical engineering all the time; but his 41z module does the same things about ten times as fast, as the functions are written in MCode rather than user code, and he also has far more of them, and a true 4-level complex stack rather than 2-level like the Advantage module has.

Re: Issue with "Money"

PostPosted: Fri Oct 23, 2020 4:47 pm
by floyer
I have an issue too.

I launch as you have mentioned : XEQ MONEY Y R/S R/S

I have then the HP41 (i41CX+ emulator) in USER mode with the READY word.

I try 5 12x (shift sigma+). While pressing the key, I have XROM 21,31 which is displayed, and after releasing "NONEXISTENT".

I guess that XEQ MONEY didn't do all the initialisation it is supposed to do.

Re: Issue with "Money"

PostPosted: Fri Oct 23, 2020 10:48 pm
by floyer
I have tried the ADVANTAGE pac (TVM xeq), same issue. Something is wrong with my key assignations.

Re: Issue with "Money"

PostPosted: Sat Oct 24, 2020 9:56 am
by floyer
I did manage to make Advanced TVM working by erasing the assignments, but it seems that I need to erase them before switching module : running XEQ MONEY will not remove ASN of TVM.

Is there a fast way to erase all ASN. Proceeding key by key (with/without shift) is quite long.

Re: Issue with "Money"

PostPosted: Sat Oct 24, 2020 12:27 pm
by mike-stgt
floyer wrote:Is there a fast way to erase all ASN.

Yes, Switch HP41 off, hold down Back Arrow key while switching it on again. Then release keys. This will reset all RAM to its pristine state, including key assignments. This is the fastest way. Only drawback -- you will also lose all programs, settings, files in XM. Typically this is not desired.

Deactivate the 15 key assignments (A..J and a..e) that interfere with local alpha labels would be sufficient. There are routines for that. One possible solution you find in the PPC ROM, routines SK (Suspend Key assignments) and RK (Reactivate Key assignments). The ROM (as MOD file) comes with V41, the PPC ROM Usr Mnl is on Warren's HP-41 Archives DVD. No idea how to use it under the i41CX+ emulator you mentioned earlier.


Re: Issue with "Money"

PostPosted: Sat Oct 24, 2020 12:34 pm
by floyer
Thank you very much ! Indeed !

The ON + <— will be difficult to press on a emulated HP, but the SK from PPC is the very function I was looking for. I think it will be useful with other modules I will try. i41Cx+ is quite nice : it has a function which directly download modules from including PPC... (this made me know this site and forum).