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inoffensive pastime

Postby mike-stgt » Mon Oct 05, 2020 12:32 pm

Others do the crossword puzzles, I make on old HP41 stuff -- some kind of getaway, far off the map.
For the 4th improvement of my oo82162A (now printing RCL M instead of RCL [ etc.) I looked for some test examples to print "synthetics" and by chance came across CD of the PPC ROM. The manual also describes a "Little CD" which is smaller and faster alas with some restrictions. Both, CD and cd are very much obsolete due to ATOXR of the HPIL module. But for those (like me) who had a PPC ROM long before an HPIL module it is some kind of nostalgic joy to take a look back in time.

One of the restrictions of "Little CD" is, it preserves only two stack registers. I added five bytes, now it preserves three stack registers, result in X, 1 in L.
Code: Select all
 01▶LBL "cd"
"»▶↓·▶▶▶"  ,  X<> N 
"»▶σ"  X<> M  X<> N 
INT  ST* N  X<> L  ST+ N
SIGN  10^X  ST* N  CLX
X<> N  END
Appended alpha both as described in PPC ROM manual, p. 85 (95 of the PDF).
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