Algorithm of LOG or LN

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Postby jeffcalc » Fri Apr 24, 2020 7:42 am

mike-stgt wrote:Bonjour JF!
Addendum: took the second step and found some time for the article JF mentioned. Thank you for this hint, perfect for me, it steps forward in chunks small enough to swallow. This article helps me to grasp the comments in the 71's IDS. What helped too was the trace I was able to take with an emulator of the 71B. Now I found the constants I missed in the IDS.

This series of articles on the internal math algorithms is really worth to read !
Actually as many other articles in the "HP Journal", and not only about calculators but also for many other electronic/instrumentation topics.

It's astonish to see the level of details in these articles. It was a time when a company (HP) felt strong enough to disclose many design details. And at that time the calculator code was not even copyright (according to this source).

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