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HP 41Cx for sale.
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cv-41 items

Postby JeffVA » Sun Dec 27, 2020 3:45 pm

I have the following items for sale. I used the below about 30 years ago when in college. Just before finals the power button started acting up. None of the know fixes at the time worked so I rushed out ant bought an HP-32s. Many years later that too failed with sticky keys and was replaced with a HP-35S that I use today. The calculator and all other items have been sitting on a shelf inside since. While I am unsure of the working status of the calculator, battery charger and rechargeable battery I believe the application pacs should be good, however, I have no way of testing at this time so everything is as is. I priced at the low end of what I have seen on E-bay or make an offer and shipping will be extra as I have zero idea of costs. I am not on the computer every day, hope any offers go to my e-mail and I travel often hence my responses may be a bit slow. If you have questions please ask, I'll do my best to answer.


HP-41CV calculator, there was an issue with the power button when I put it in storage, the battery door is missing, there is corrosion on the contacts. come with the manual good for parts $60.00

charger 82059D worked when put in storage. $20.00

Rechargeable battery 82120A worked when put in storage but I'll assume the pack needs rebuilt if at all possible, there is corrosion on a couple of the contacts $10.00

math/stat pac, 00041-15049, comes with the stat and math manuals and a quick reference card. the math manual comes with two overlays. If overlays came with the Stat manual, I do not have them $70.00

HP-32S manual $10.00

Stress analysis pac 00041-15027 comes with the manual and 5 overlays $70.00

Circuit analysis pac 00041-15006 comes with the manual and two overlays $70.00
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Re: cv-41 items

Postby Garth » Mon Dec 28, 2020 3:25 am

I wish I knew of someone repairing 41's. The two men I knew of running their respective HP calculator repair services both had to quit due to major health problems. Have you looked on eBay to see how much these things are actually selling for (as opposed to what's being asked)? I would hope someone would give you more than $60 for the calc itself, even needing repair; but I'm not so sure about the modules. Diego Diaz offers flash modules that hold lots of ROM module images in a single port, and the manuals are all available online on this site ( Newish module images (completed in the last five years or less) are available to put in these which dramatically outperform for example the old Math module, for example Angel's 41z module which gives the 41 a true 4-level complex stack and well over 100 complex number functions written in MCode for maximum performance, and seems to be about ten times as fast as the complex-number functions in the Advantage module; or his Sandmath module or WarpCore module, all with outstanding manuals. So the value I see in the old modules is for Diego to be able to use the shells to build his electronics into, and the overlays to use as a substrate to stick new modules' overlays onto. Even if the calc were totally dead an unresurrectable, Monte has produced (for the earlier Coconut 41's, not the Halfnuts) a transplant board that runs up to 50 times the original speed, and comes with over 300 modules already built in. The 41 world is still exciting, and I sincerely hope your 41 gets into the hands of someone who will treasure and use it.
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