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HP-41's for sale

PostPosted: Sun Dec 05, 2021 9:21 pm
by cparman
Hello All:

I have a serious collection of HP-41's for sale. All are in "Mint" condition. Here is a list.

(2) HP41CV, Full Nut (Just the calculator itself no Box, Manuals or case)
(1) HP41CV Half Nut (Calculator, Case, Box, Manuals)
(1) HP41CV Full Nut (Calculator, case)
(1) HP41CV Half Nut, Blank Nut (Case)
(1) HP41C Full Nut, Tall Key (Calculator, Case, Box, Manuals)
(1) HP41C Full Nut, Blank Nut (Calculator, Case, Box, No Manuals). This one was a spare from an out of business research Laboratory.

Serious inquiries only. I will provide detailed pictures upon request. I am in the USA. My contact Email address is (