Quad Memory module changes "CAT" function

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Re: Quad Memory module changes "CAT" function

Postby Jordan Orlando » Sat Apr 17, 2021 2:47 am

That's interesting: module modding is dependent on access to the old shells. I guess that stands to reason.

I'm slowly getting acclimated to the basic ideas of how all of this architecture works. It's a fascinating sidetrack in computing technology — "sidetrack" meaning that not only is it set up in ways that seems unusual in the context of modern computing — it's unusual in the context of 1979 computing, too.

I do remember how, in those days (when I was in high school) the home computing world hadn't yet coalesced into the kind of centralized architectures that are available today — TRS-80, Commodore, Apple and Atari all had different "platforms" (if the word even applies), although they each relied heavily on their own version of BASIC. Atari's tech was most like HPs insofar as they used ROM cartridges (which were incompatible with the similar cartridges they used for their game systems).

What HP was doing was very different from all of those others, which of course makes sense given their roots in the engineering world, where portability and durability were more important than speed. But it's interesting how HP converged with the others and ended up with many of the same solutions in terms of expansion; programming; distribution of software, etc.
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