Wrong XROM Function interpretation

Wrong XROM Function interpretation

Postby cmj1047 » Thu Sep 29, 2011 9:03 am

When using HP-41CX (Serial 2902S21343) in program mode and scanning (or keying) successively barcodes FINDID (XROM 29,28 from HP-IL) and MAN (XROM 28,28 from IR printer), without any module inserted, we get displayed the correspondant XROM.

But when the HP-IL module is inserted alone, the codes are both diplayed as FINDID and their execution give both a FINDID.
When IR module and HP-IL module (switch on position disable) are both inserted we get back displayed the correct interpretation and the correct execution.

I have not investigated further for some other functions.

I gave the serial number of the CX as it could be related to a specific ROM.
Has somedody any explaination about this bug type ?

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