my41cx - Little info - Is this MacOS app abandoned

my41cx - Little info - Is this MacOS app abandoned

Postby mark-in-seattle » Fri Dec 29, 2023 9:31 am

Installed the "my41cx" app on my Mac desktop 4 years ago. Asked this forum for any info about "modules" which I've found no way of loading into the app, even though it's preferences config page indicates it supports up to 4 modules. Nothing is available anymore that I can find from the developer - nada... nyt.

So should I consider this macOS desktop HP41cx emulator a dead end ?

Are there any other macOS desktop HP41-cx emulators in the wild ? There are several iOS HP41cx emulators but the Mac app store lists only "my41cx" for the MacOS desktop.

-- thank you for any info
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