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Re: HP-41 infrared module for barcode printing

Postby mike-stgt » Fri Jun 03, 2022 9:28 pm

pcscote wrote:
  • Edit #4: 2022-06-01 22h57 EDT (GMT-4h)
    With the 41CL running in turbo 50 mode, the internal code run faster but the printing speed stay basically the same.
    I have not analyzed the code but it sure looks like the final speed is limited by the I/O transmit speed.

Sure, the IR printer module must not send more than the printer may print in given time. So its transmision is throttled, see DELAY function.
To print the the three rows shown above my NutEm/PC counts nearly 25E6 CPU cycles, what takes (on real HW 64 word times last about 1/100 seconds) few minutes more than one hour. I assume (guesswork I don't like, but my IR printer simulation does not pinpoint such details, in fact the delay is part of the simulation) that the throttler does not discern if a byte sent will print as a character or as a column of pixels only what is 7 times faster.
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