82162A and IL Printer ROM 2E

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82162A and IL Printer ROM 2E

Postby mike-stgt » Sat May 20, 2023 3:13 pm

Sylvain Côté was so kind and performed recently several tests with real machinery, an HP-41CV, an 82162A, and two PIL-Box from Jean-François Garnier. So "we" now have for some print-out also the corresponding trace log of the IL traffic so to check simulations.
Reason for the tests: I was not able to find the root cause for extra blank lines added now and then when printing programs in trace mode.
Result: also the real equipment shows this extra blank lines -- if using the IL module with printer version 2E. In contrast version 2D works as described.

This triggert me to changed my oo82162A simulation, so the Inhibit Extra Blank Lines option is set off by default as the enclosed copy of the IL module is now based on printer version 2D. (The IL module needs a modification for "plotting" graphics, since the used printer simulation differs slightly in usable width.)

Once again thank you to Sylvain and Jean-François for their time and effort which enabled this insight in processes of ancient equipment.

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