82242A simulated

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82242A simulated

Postby mike-stgt » Sat Jan 02, 2021 12:28 am

Short: I proudly present a simulation of the HP 82242A Infrared Printer Module.

Long: As far as I know there exist in public no documentation about the internals of the "Red Eye" or "Blinky" module. For this most opine it impossible to program a virtual remake of it to run within an HP41 emulator/simulation. Today, Blinky, the last HP41 mystery, works in my ooNUfip firmware interpreter, sending text and graphic to a simulated 82240B.
blinky works.png
Screen shot of ooNUreFIP with IR printer simulation

First I migrated my NutEm (FORTRAN) from the mainframe to the PC (ooREXX) to get some trace to my flavour and to test "additional hardware" with no need to compile every wee change. The rest is a quite similar process like finding this and that and also this one. In other words, some sleepless nights.

And now?
Find attached a REXX GUI program in 'tokenized' form (without source code) running with no console, so no trace output possible.
It starts the IR printer simulation as set in the CFG file. For your convenience the ROM files of the IR module are included, also a CFG file you should adopt to your setup.

What else?
Prerequisites and description same as for ooNUfip but (with no source) not the QPL license. Instead I stipulate
  1. Do not use this program. It is intended as an example only (and may still contain unknown bugs, the known are fixed).
  2. Any damage you cause with this program, intentional or by chance, is a violation of clause (1). Thus all consequences are completely at your own risk.

Edit: Attachment removed, if interested please pick update
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Re: 82242A simulated

Postby dlachieze » Sat Jan 02, 2021 8:31 am

Impressive work as always! Unfortunately I'm not familiar with REXX and can just look with amazement to what you're achieving.
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Re: 82242A simulated

Postby mike-stgt » Mon Jan 04, 2021 8:45 am

Thank you for the flowers :)
Playing a bit with Blinky I missed the MAN/TRACE/NORM slider of the 82143A and 82162A, may be caused by the current pandemia resulting in long hair and short memory (no vaccine no barber), anyway I like to see what's up and for that I show now a "Red Eye status line".
pr3b stats.png
Red Eye status line in dark red between topmost and second row of keys
Last figure is the #bytes in Blinky buffer.

In addition the beeper makes some nose now, so you get an acoustic warning when typing the 24th character in alpha. But I will probably not add the sound of a printer, although others do so. Tony also.


Edit: attached the version displaying the additional line of information as mentioned above.
2nd Edit: removed the ZIP, find improvement here.
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Re: 82242A simulated

Postby TwoWeims » Thu Jan 07, 2021 9:28 pm

Now if we could only get this into the DM41X...
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