82162A: restart after a long period of inactivity

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82162A: restart after a long period of inactivity

Postby floppy_stuttgart » Fri Sep 17, 2021 3:17 pm

I have this printer from an eBay buy package. I will sell it (printing from pyIlper is enough for me; no need to keep the part).
It show "Printer error" after second PRP test.
Is there anything to do for making a printer working correctly after a long time of inactivity?
Cleaning anything?
I will first keep it "on" for few time: probably the battery is recharging and sucking too much current for now.
Any advice is welcome.
If I am not successful, I will sell the several rolls of paper (and the buyer will get a printer with it).

Update: All fine so far by
a) by taking out the pilbox off the loop, shutting down pyilper
b) by pressing "print" and "paper advance" before switching to on the printer
c) deconnecting/reconnecting the cables
then with the sequence
. switching on the printer
. then connecting the pilbox
. starting pyilper (all devices disconnected in it except the drive)
. switching the HP41 on
It prints. No need for help anymore.
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