pyILPER on RaspberryPI as headless memory drive; HowTo?


pyILPER on RaspberryPI as headless memory drive; HowTo?

Postby floppy_stuttgart » Wed Nov 10, 2021 5:47 pm

I am storing my HP41 programs on a PC via Pilbox and pyILPER. All fine so far. Now on a Debian10 32bits notebook and a Debian11 64bits PC Desktop (Win10 still not running, but thats another story).
Has anybody made the setup of pyilper on a headless (=server) RaspberryPi with Raspbian?
Target: taking a RaspberryPI 4 for travel instead of my notebook (too heavy) as storage device
= starting the PI, connecting via the USB and PilBox and storing/retrieving programs from the virtual drive which is on an USB Memory Storage connected at the PI
Any few hints where to start are welcome.

So, this is a small project on my ToDo list and any recommendation where to start is highly welcome.

Status for now (jan18):
- since anaconda3 on raspberry pi4 did not upload pyilper, I am further searching/thinking (slowly ;-)
- next to come?,,,
- install qemu on pi4
.. then a small debian 32bits with pyilper
.. or a win7 and win32 programs
- or buy an emulator exagear
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