talk-only, listen-only system


talk-only, listen-only system

Postby mike-stgt » Thu Nov 05, 2020 1:20 am

A talk-only, listen-only system without controller is somewhat off-topic for a site about "everything HP41". But since V41 is virtual-IL-enabled it is close enough to be posted here.

An example for a talk-only, listen-only system might be a voltmeter logging readings on a printer. An HP82162A could be used in such a setup. So I added the L2 interface function to my simulation. As measuring device I butchered the same simulation, reused the HPIL drudgery, added the T5 function (act on local message ton) and a routine reading the wall clock. This "clock read out" is a nice example from 1979 of Mike Cowlishaw, the developer of REXX.

I proudly present the (to my knowledge) first working virtual HP-IL setup without controller.
The result:
Time running down
qtime.png (1.05 KiB) Viewed 3217 times

Find the talk-only device for this test in attached ZIP, the oo82162A simulation with listen-only option will be published soon.

Edit: ZIP removed, find update further down
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Re: talk-only, listen-only system

Postby mike-stgt » Tue Nov 10, 2020 2:07 am

There are rumours about more active listener devices to follow. To not influence others by my solution I currently show the description of enhancements only and will publish the source later this year.
Code: Select all

This file describes enhancements to the "oo82162A Printer Simulator"
since first publish.  The fact that an enhancement is described here
must not be construed as a commitment to also supply it or soemthing
adequate in future.  The enhancements are subject to change without
notice, including complete withdrawal.  Sometimes things just don't
pan out.
This file is written bottom-up.  The latest items are first.

Refer also to the description of oo82162A REXX in  oo82162A.htm


User Comfort   In a virtual talk-only, listen-only setup the sequence of
      starting the simulated devices should now be irrelevant.

Code Page   The printer comes with two character sets, ASCII used in
      Escape Mode and an Alternate Set used in Eight-Bit Mode.
      Complete transliteration to the sets available in 82240B
      is not possible.  I changed now within ASCII conversion
      the CR (which implies LF) to LF on the IR printer (what
      also implicates CR).  The Alternate Set transliteration
      remains untouched, so Mu [mju] is still available there.

Features   The printer offers two options for special instructions,
      Eight-Bit Mode or Escape Mode.  Only the later has a
      parse mode where long lines are split on word boundaries.
      oo82162A also includes this capability now.

Virtual IL   The role model may be set for Active-Listener operation
      when it is turned on.  The same is now possible with this
      simulation.  To do so add for start-up (in a command
      window or other means) the option 'LON' without quotes.
      Who always wants this operation may put a line in the INI
      file: "lonop = 'LON'" (without the double quotes).


2020-11-02    6th version published

Bug fix    A misunderstanding led to a wrong setting.  Now corrected
      PRPLOT prints plots again as desired.

Virtual IL   The HPIL messages DCL and SDC will reset the printer to
      the power on state.  So CLRLOOP and CLRDEV are meaningful
      also for oo82162A now.

Virtual IL   LPD issued by PWRDN acts now just so as described in
      HP82162A Usr Mnl.  To enable this Menu/File offers two
      additional items, On and Standby (Off omitted, in lieu of
      it use Exit).  When marked Standby use PWRDN to set the
      device to standby mode.  To indicate this the displayed
      revision date is replaced by STANDBY.  By the nature of
      this mode it is instantaneously reset when V41 is enabled
      to send auto-IDY frames.


2020-10-05    5th version published

Interpret Data   For decades I was annoyed when printing programs
      containing "synthetics" like RCL M or VIEW IND N showed
      as RCL [ and VIEW IND \.  SKWID solved that in X-IL ROM.
      Now oo82162A also changes arguments like [, \, ], ^, _,
      and "'" to M, N, O, P, Q, and R respectively.  As output
      is interpreted it may transliterate too much by mistake.
      Therefore a new option toggles this feature.

User Comfort   Switching back to V41 and its printer from an application
      using most or all of the screen meant up to now selecting
      V41 and the IR printer simulation, at least its 'Graphic'
      window, often also the 'Printer' window as only this has
      the controls, and at most oo82162A too for some reason.
      Now only oo82162A needs to be selected, it will bring up
      all others -- except for minimized windows or this new
      and still experimental feature is disabled completely in
      the option menu.

Formatting   Right justified mode does not shift by single colums any
      more.  Analyses of role model's output also from an HP42S
      revealed some jitter of the rhs printing edge.

Formatting   Double wide mode printed some graphic at times, fixed.


2020-02-15    4th version published

Bar Code   Printing of bar code is now possible.  No idea how
      close it is compared with the role model.  At least a
      "software-defined wand" is able to decode it.

Setup Option   In INI is defined if at start of oo82162A also V41 is
      to be started or not.  V41 opens (nowadays) the state
      file in use when canceld.  The today's change opts to
      override this V41 automatism.

VilMA      When invoked from the 'Virtual IL Manager' oo82162A
      will not start V41.  Which controller to run remains
      task of VilMA.

User Comfort   If oo82162A started the IR printer simulator it was
      also canceled at shut down.  Up to now this was done
      by TASKKILL which opened for a fraction of a second a
      command window, and - more important - the canceled
      HP82240A/B got no chance to save changed settings.
      Now oo82162A sends the syscmd 'Cancel' and the IR
      printer quits silently.


2020-01-11    3rd version published

Dialog Position   The position of the dialog window is now saved in the
      registry for to set its location in next run.  The
      setting in the INI file is overridden with the position
      saved in the registry.

User Comfort   Now start of oo82162A will also launch V41 if requested
      in INI file.  But in case V41 is already running no
      additional instance will be started, independent of its
      LOD file's designation.

      Note: Ending oo82162A may end the IR printer simulation
      but will not end V41, since the emulator could still be
      useful w/o printer.

Dialog Position The position on the screen at program start may be set
      in the INI file now.

Interpret Data   In trace mode every now and then there are too many
      blank lines before a LBL.  By interpreting the data
      this is "balanced" to one line only, a discernible
      enhancement of the output.  I renamed this menu item
      to 'Balance Blank Lines'.  Now it may be toggled in
      Trace mode only to make it obvious when this option
      will be effective.

User Comfort   Even other receivers are possible I use oo82162A almost
      exclusively with the HP82240B simulator.  Now oo82162A
      will start this simulator if it is not yet running and
      in that case also close it when ending.

7-bit Mode   is now operational.  The only transliteration in this
      mode is for bytes 0..31 and 127, they are replaced by

      Note: the 7-bit mode ignores the 8th bit, in fact the
      bytes above 127 (7Fx) are "folded down".  A received
      byte C6x is forwarded as 46x.

REXX UI   Split of output sourced from pst.1 to .8 from pst.9.
      While the first group is rather trace related, pst.9
      messages are information, warnings, errors.  These are
      now shown as dialog window.  Drawback - the user must
      acknowledge it to continue operation.  Advantage - the
      huge "trace console" is dropped and shows from now on
      only the special stamp sized dialog.

      To avoid the need to prefix oo82162A by rexxhide.exe,
      the program suffix is changed from '.RX' to '.RXH'.
      This suffix bindings are set at installation of REXX,
      so they must be adjusted accordingly for oo82162A.
      Those shown above are valid on my PC.


2018-12-30    2nd version published

Auto-IDY   While detecting auto-IDY frames changing SRQ bit and/or
      Parallel Poll data will restart the sequence even IDY
      frame identification is based on bits C2 and C1 only.

Auto-IDY   PRT and ADV buttons are enabled only when auto-IDY is
      detected.  Otherwise they stay disabled.
      This may be taken as a 'loop safe and sound' indicator.
      Starting oo82162A before V41 will typically enable the
      two buttons about 0.2 seconds after V41 with option
      Auto-IDY enabled is up and running.  In contrast, V41
      started before oo82162A will not enable the buttons as
      the virtual IL is not connected.  An OFF-ON sequence will
      cure it (assuming the HPIL module is part of the setup).

IL2IR.MOD   Some indispensable hardware was missing.

Disabled ADV   The issue of a disabled ADV button solved by some kind of
      timeout, simulator-like.

Formatting   Corrected a minor glitch in double wide printing.  Not
      yet tested mingling of normal and double wide on the
      same line.

Auto-IDY   Next release of V41 will probably offer auto-IDY frames.
      This way oo82162A has the chance to inform the controler
      about PRT or ADV button pressed.  The two buttons are now
      ready for operation.


2018-11-04   1st version published
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Re: talk-only, listen-only system

Postby Jeff G » Thu Jan 14, 2021 8:04 pm

Very cool.

Since HP-IL is identical to HP-IB (the former being a token ring version of the latter bus-based system), this should definitely work like this. You can do similar things with HP-IB (now called GPIB or IEEE-488 by most people).

The typical use is connecting a printer to a piece of test equipment, and then being able to print the screen of a measurement without having to define addresses for either printer or instrument. The "PASS CONTROL" feature was originally for this situation but where the instrument was also being controlled by a computer (then the computer is controlling TALKER and LISTENER as the CONTROLLER). This is analogous to using an HP-41 to talk to an HP-IL peripheral or even to tell an instrument (like the 3468A DMM) to print directly to the printer under computer control instead of thing the front-panel "PRINT" feature (the 3468A doesn't have as screen to print but you can tell it to internally self-trigger measurements and then send every measurement to a printer).

HP-IL duplicates the same features from HP-IB.
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Re: talk-only, listen-only system

Postby mike-stgt » Wed Aug 18, 2021 11:20 pm

My talk-only virtual-IL example uses a program from Mike Cowlishaw. Now I find it in the internet with an unmistakable stipulation about the permission to use which is missing in the copy I had as yet. That is why I change my program and substitute original qtime.exec by qtime.rex in the ZIP.

If you previously downloaded this bundle please replace it by this update.
Talk-only test device, << 42 years of REXX, 41 years of HP-IL >>-update
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