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Matthias Wehrli's Module List

Postby mike-stgt » Thu Oct 28, 2021 9:37 pm

"Most Recently Added Items" of Warren's library shows Matthias Wehrli's "Module List" as new or updated entry. This anthology (timestamp 10/27/2021) contains all public known HP41 modules, once sold or at least produced by HP as physical gizmo/item/thing or published by whomsoever as "ROM copy" to be used with MLDLs or emulators. It's an awesome example of diligence and sedulity. For example it even lists the monthly releases of Jean-Marc Baillard's "Ephemerides Modules" since Dec. 2015 (all are available for download here.)
But this list of modules from Matthias shows also obsolete entries. Years ago already and more than once (alas futile) I had told him to remove "TOOLS 1A" and "MCODE 1A". Without his list would contain less rubbish. This two "modules" had been mine from a time when I still used a Rambox and it was quite new John Doe could do his own modules. Someway those modules made it into Matthias' list, maybe it was something thoughtless like "I have a fretsaw and look! those are my shavings". Today I would say in slight variation of Frank Zappa: this sawdust is not dead but it smells funny.
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Re: Matthias Wehrli's Module List

Postby wfurlow » Fri Oct 29, 2021 3:54 am

Just FYI when I downloaded the PDF from his site, it appeared to create it on the fly so I don't really know when his list was last updated. I seem to remember seeing those ROM names on an ancient list long ago so maybe has has hope that someday they will materialize. Meanwhile, I have been adding files and giving an overdue clean up.
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