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Empty Modules as Placeholders

PostPosted: Tue Jul 06, 2021 1:49 am
by mike-stgt
V41 is as userfriendly as possible with regard to plugin modules. But, this fully automated placement disables the user -- in contrast to other emulators -- to set a ROM to a distinct port/address. At least not in a quick and simple manner, because there are tools to change the meta data of a MOD file, but IMO for a temporary test this is overdone. And where is described which of the values must be adjusted to have a module plugged in the upper or lower right port? :mrgreen:

For this I now prepared empty modules to act as placeholders. If not fixed to a page like PR, IL, CR, ..., V41 loads modules to the lowest free address starting with page 8. When I find in the HP-41C/CV/CX Service Mnl (00041-90472) on page A-5 (p 124 of the PDF) "Plug the extended function module into Port #4." I may now do so by loading port 1..3 with empty 8k modules. Just place in the module list three times the same VOID8K.MOD before the extended function module.

BTW, the service module 5061-7221 queries @DFF0 -- alas, I found this "feature" not mentioned in the manual. Who may tell something about this?

Re: Empty Modules as Placeholders

PostPosted: Thu Jul 08, 2021 6:23 am
by mike-stgt
I got a remark about those "null only" placeholder ROMs, so I replace them by "almost null only" placeholders. In CAT 2 invisible they show in GEN MOD test of service ROM 2A.